Silky shawl-etola Carrie

Type of materiale



beige, grey, black

Material / composition 70% WM kid mohair, 30% SE silk
Care tips We recommend handwash with liquid for sweaters at 30 degrees

Product description:

For your convenience, we have prepared the most exclusive mix of materials: the Charrie scarf captivates with a soft combination of young Angora goat hair and silk.

The unique, subtle scarf will make you feel soft and delicate.

For each product, we have a silk bag for storing a scarf (we choose the color of the bag at random)

Polish product, handmade

Made on a manual machine by craftsmen in Warmia

Shawls made of the highest quality Polish yarn (non-biting, pleasant to the touch, skin-friendly)

Planet-friendly scarves - we do not use electricity in production and we do not generate waste (we use raw materials to the end)

Length : 200 cm
Width : 58 cm

    Shipping: 4 dni robocze days


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