European Funds

Project number : POIR.03.03.03-28-0016/20

"Promotion of the brand You by Tokarska in the international area." 

Objectives and effects of the project implementation:

The aim of this project is to intensify activities related to internationalization, including increasing awareness of the product brand, acquiring new contractors, and building substructures for long-term business relationships. The measurable effect of the activities carried out will be the achievement of the target value of revenues from the sale of products for export and signing contracts with foreign contractors. Activities covered by the project included in the company's long-term development strategy are aimed at strengthening the position on foreign markets and strengthening the product brand perceived through the prism of its high quality and uniqueness. 

Project value: 352 600,00 PLN

The amount of the European Funds contribution to the implemented project: 299 710,00 PLN


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